Monday, November 7, 2011

It was obvious that I caught this train always at the same time at four minutes to eight. When I took out the gear and climbed from the clutch, the start-stop system of my Century ran out the engine. Behind me a red van came squeaky for holding. I prefer to be back in a queue, then I can watch the people standing in front of me. Now the hood of the van took me even complete vision through the rear view mirror and through the two side mirrors. Before me it was not so much interesting, because there was only the turnpike, which for some time trembling vibrated.

Suddenly I remembered a funny statement. It is precisely sixty-four hours from Friday 16:00 PM until Monday 8:00 AM. So a weekend take sixty-four hours. I wondered what I had done in the past sixty-four hours. On Saturday morning we went shopping. In Fredericksburg, we always shopped only on every second Thursday, and in such amounts that I almost can imagine it no longer.

I streched a little over the steering wheel, from the train still nothing was seen. If I had bad luck, it would be one of those slow freight trains again, one with an infinite number of wagons. I turned down the radio and let the side window down a little bit. Outside there was nothing to hear. I leaned back in my seat.

We went shopping on Saturday morning and in the afternoon I went into the garden. There is still work to do before it finally goes into the winter break and I’m not even completely finished. I have the ambition to do everything alone. Cutting the lawn is not a big deal, but to keep the flower beds clean over the summer and keeping low the hedges is exhausting. A beautiful an varied work. I’ve gotten very great pleasure. In New York we had absolutely no garden and Fredericksburg, it was impossible to do something by ourselves, everybody just had a gardener. When we moved to Hamburg, I have all self-made from the first day, not only because I found a real lawn tractor in the household. Therefore cutting the lawn is one of my favorite employment. On this Saturday, however, the tractor remained in the shed. But I have plenty of cut on the trees and bushes. I still do not know whether it’s done in autumn, or at least better in spring.

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